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Twilight Sparkle is not amused.
Sigh, will they ever learn?
safe986150 artist:celsian120 character:twilight sparkle171882 character:twilight sparkle (unicorn)9859 species:human74941 species:pony663338 species:unicorn183687 g4278120 angry16402 blonde609 blushing105361 candle2771 cellphone2320 cross-popping veins910 dialogue44414 eyebrows6253 eyelashes4906 eyeshadow8783 floppy ears30580 glowing horn12203 gritted teeth6808 horn30677 implied marriage14 implied straight2569 interspecies8911 jewelry37231 magic45196 makeup11426 married184 married couple544 narrowed eyes655 necklace11363 offscreen character17493 offscreen male90 pearl necklace709 phone3736 pov6287 ramen109 restaurant379 smartphone1397 smartwatch14 suggestive source91 table5714 text27363 this will end in pain1107 this will end in tears1763 vein1603 waifu585 watch808


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