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From source:

Angel and fluttershy with different coloration on her.
safe988201 artist:miokomata776 character:angel bunny5799 character:fluttershy115906 species:pegasus185947 species:pony665341 species:rabbit2970 g4280223 alternate design1824 angelbetes89 animal2530 blaze (coat marking)1237 carrot1246 coat markings1822 colored eyebrows1541 colored hooves5113 cute127262 drink3344 duo38721 eyebrows6949 facial markings100 food41773 freckles17964 freckleshy180 herbivore348 hooves12290 mug2606 plate1069 shyabetes8693 smiling150762 unshorn fetlocks16707 wing fluff1108 wings69840


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