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Posted in the voice text chat of Manechat during the 2022 r/place event on reddit
safe994412 artist:omegacannon1 character:applejack97741 character:fluttershy116222 character:hitch trailblazer1099 character:izzy moonbow2821 character:pinkie pie120341 character:pipp petals1950 character:rainbow dash129901 character:rarity105259 character:sunny starscout2495 character:twilight sparkle172479 character:zipp storm1503 species:earth pony143766 species:pegasus188312 species:unicorn186956 g4283489 g57962 animated64815 blaze (coat marking)1657 crystal1753 digital art10430 earth pony crystal23 goofy48 gradient hair3336 multicolored hair5779 pegasus crystal27 pipp wings1803 pixel art5699 r/place16 rainbow road19 reddit260 spinning eyes29 unicorn crystal24


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