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Likely source is the artist's Twitter account.
source needed8340 safe987541 artist:mirtash365 oc375889 oc only252711 oc:littlepip2145 species:pony664733 species:unicorn184283 fallout equestria8742 g4279600 abstract background8883 chest fluff23067 clothing298844 crossover36441 ear fluff17982 eyebrows6753 eyebrows visible through hair2368 fallout1882 female741183 floppy ears30700 freckles17926 gun8390 handgun1494 little macintosh290 looking at you98586 mare291768 profile5191 revolver907 simple background234816 solo626348 starry eyes2018 vault suit1937 weapon17572


not provided yet


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