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From source:

This piece took about 1 hour, which is record time! Starlight Glimmer is a total cutie, I know some people don't like art that includes alcohol, so I made two versions ! ^-^ #mlp #mlpfim #youngartist #MyLittlePony #Fim #StarlightGlimmer
safe986211 alternate version22070 artist:tumblysart3 character:starlight glimmer30528 species:pony663398 species:unicorn183714 g4278178 blushing105373 cushion365 glowing horn12208 horn30693 looking at you98135 lying down9408 magic45201 magic aura2719 prone15619 purple background1703 signature15420 simple background234219 solo625391 three quarter view2639


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