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From source:

kirins :)
safe988204 artist:chub-wub396 character:applejack97548 character:autumn blaze2445 character:cinder glow525 character:rain shine304 character:summer flare525 species:earth pony141567 species:kirin5376 species:pony665343 ship:autumnjack107 g4280226 angry16433 awwtumn blaze547 beige background54 blushing105666 brown background445 bust28770 cheek kiss19 chibi8547 cute127264 eyebrows6949 eyes closed54589 fangs15023 female741857 fire6737 floppy ears30762 gradient background7802 grin22248 kiss sandwich127 kissing12907 lesbian50911 mare292340 nirik265 no pupils2469 open mouth81803 profile5278 sharp teeth2535 shipping103316 simple background235112 smiling150764 three quarter view2999


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