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Copic commission for @TheBenAlpha! ✨
safe986150 artist:dandy349 character:twilight sparkle171882 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75702 oc375812 species:alicorn136060 species:pony663338 g4278120 alicorn oc13129 canon x oc12269 cloud18155 commission38497 cutie mark28235 day650 duo38435 duo male and female496 ear fluff17804 ear piercing14553 earring11976 female739884 flying24284 horn30678 jewelry37231 looking at each other11771 male196524 mare290473 marker drawing508 piercing22242 profile4978 shipping103168 signature15411 sky8669 spread wings32833 stallion64447 straight64093 tail15150 three quarter view2629 traditional art65746 wings69061


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