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From source:
Finished this Flutters from like 4 months ago

Finished this Fluttershy which was left unfinished on my hard drive for 4 months as I didn’t like how I initially approached the shading.

DeviantArt description (21 June 2022):
ft. me being intensely unimaginative with artwork titles

Finished a half finished work from 4 months ago.
safe983895 artist:zeepheru_pone20 character:fluttershy115413 species:pegasus184300 species:pony660883 g4275544 cheek fluff3476 clothing296920 ear fluff17560 female737310 fluffy8779 full body1166 hoodie8429 looking at you97125 mare288429 simple background233114 sitting37970 smiling149087 smiling at you1397 solo623240 spread wings32334 tail14541 waving1794 wings68198


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