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safe986211 artist:baron engel2065 character:rarity104946 oc375839 species:anthro147471 species:griffon16167 species:pony663396 species:unguligrade anthro28216 species:unicorn183712 g4278176 belt3316 black and white7517 boots13040 briefcase89 business suit232 clothing298250 duo38448 duo male and female499 explicit source5299 grayscale22652 grimdark source155 gun8388 handshake59 horn30693 jacket7979 monochrome85617 necktie4049 pants9617 pencil drawing5750 rifle1960 shirt14961 shoes21859 simple background234218 skirt23801 skirt suit115 story in the source1377 tail15163 traditional art65750 vest2489 weapon17518 white background54907 wings69078


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