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Uploaded to source on 24 May 2022.
safe983895 artist:miokomata770 character:fluttershy115413 species:pegasus184300 species:pony660883 g4275544 bipedal20164 chest fluff22736 colored hooves4536 cute125394 daaaaaaaaaaaw2309 eyebrows4916 female737310 floppy ears30235 freckles17590 freckleshy173 hooves11493 hooves behind back29 looking at you97125 mare288429 open mouth80597 open smile588 pink background1485 semi-anthro6872 shyabetes8559 simple background233114 smiling149087 smiling at you1397 solo623240 spread wings32334 unshorn fetlocks16118 wings68198


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