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safe983873 artist:heretichesh21 derpibooru original13128 character:petunia paleo168 oc375036 oc:mummydew7 species:earth pony140091 species:pony660854 g4275518 archaeology18 bow15615 clothing296901 cutie mark27725 dialogue44091 duo37903 duo female6261 egyptian509 egyptian pony171 explicit source4482 female737282 females only7739 filly35636 foal8842 frog (hoof)5788 hair bow8629 hat52306 hieroglyphs8 hooves11491 mummy311 mummy wrap9 one eye open59 pith helmet392 safari hat15 shocked4141 surprised5641 text27021 tomb40 undead789 underhoof27045 vase333 young1279


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