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Thought I would write out some of my cutie mark headcanons. I don't really draw cutie marks that much, mostly because it's a hassle, but also because they're not too important to the story. Panther's an exception.

His cutie mark not only symbolizes death, but power, too. When he killed the panther that had been threatening his tribe, he was viewed as an equal to it, at least in power. He was strong enough to end its life. When you really think about it though, Panther's not so much its equal as he is its superior, because he did overpower it. Some members of the tribe joke that his cutie mark heightens his urge to kill, since he has the highest kill count of any other member. That's funny n all but it's also unsettlingly true.

Panther's cutie mark also includes 6 stars, but they rapidly begin to fade away as he gets older. This is incredibly uncommon. Usually, once a cutie mark appears, it's there for life. But the more harmonious aspect of Pan's cutie mark eventually fades away. On another note, Pan's also a super late bloomer. He got his cutie mark when he was in his late teens. Most ponies get theirs as juveniles, usually before they hit their tween years.

Not much to say about Petunia Paleo other than what's already included. I liked her short appearance in that one Cutie Mark Crusaders episode! I redesigned her mane a lil bit. She's like 6 or 7 when she first gets her cutie mark.

I like Panther's long hair a lot, I think I might keep it like this. He's wearing part of his ceremonial makeup here, the skull paintings on his face, horn, and tail. also sorry for all the writing on this lol
safe983873 artist:venommocity81 character:petunia paleo168 oc375036 oc:panther6 parent:king sombra709 parent:princess luna1392 parents:lumbra172 species:alicorn135564 species:earth pony140091 species:pony660854 g4275518 colored wings3990 curved horn4068 cutie mark27725 dappled272 eyebrows4902 filly35636 foal8842 folded wings3548 headcanon1114 headcanon in the description63 horn29956 implied shipping2820 male195972 multicolored wings2053 offspring21754 shipping102883 simple background233105 smiling149072 stallion64128 tail14528 text27021 white background54535 wings68189 young1279


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