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Spent my whole afternoon doing these, and I love the way they came out! EVERYBODY’S FUCKING GAY GO LESBIANS GO!


So, what is the Blissverse?

The Blissverse is my side next gen/au where Twilight didn’t become an alicorn, Sunset did. (But i still think sun sun is an alicorn otherwise) Since this is my side verse, it’s not as important as the Moccaverse, but I’ll add to it as much as I can!

Now, I shall go over these ships!!

(Color Cultura x Fluttershy x Ink Rose)

Color Cultura is gender-fluid pansexual and polyamorous.
Fluttershy is female lesbian and polyamorous.
Ink Rose is non-binary (they/she) asexual/panromantic and polyamorous.

They are mothers of one who I have not revealed yet.

(Princess Sunset Shimmer x Rainbow Dash)

Sunset Shimmer is a queer mare (she/they) and is bisexual.
Rainbow Dash is non-binary (they/she/him) and is pansexual.

They are mothers of two: Opal and Phoenix

(Clear Sky x Apple Jack)

Clear Sky is female and lesbian.
Apple Jack is female and lesbian.

They are mothers of two: Windsprint and Morning Glory

(Twilight Sparkle x Trixie)

Twilight is gender-fluid and bisexual.
Trixie is a trans mare (MtF) and lesbian.

They are mothers of one who I have not revealed yet.

(Pinkie Pie x Gilda)

Pinkie Pie is gender-fluid and pansexual.
Gilda is female and lesbian.

They are mothers of three: GildaPie Triplets

(Ember x Rarity)

Ember is female and lesbian
Rarity is queer (she/he) and bisexual.

They are mothers of one who I have not revealed yet.

(Sweetie Belle x Smolder x Gabby)

Sweetie Belle is female, lesbian and polyamorous.
Smolder is gender-fluid, pansexual and polyamorous.
Gabby is queer (they/them; sometimes she/they) pansexual and polyamorous.

They are mothers of two how I have not revealed yet.

(Spike x Silverspoon)

Spike is non-binary (they/she/he) and pansexual.
Silverspoon is female and bisexual.

They are parents of one who I have not revealed yet.

(Apple Bloom x Diamond Tiara)

Apple Bloom is female and bisexual.
Diamond Tiara is female and lesbian.

They are mothers of one who I have not revealed yet.

(Petunia Paleo x Scootaloo)

Patunia is female and pansexual.
Scootaloo is gender-fluid and pansexual.

they are parents of one who I hav not revealed yet.

OKAY that took too long! Hope you like it!!
safe983873 artist:moccabliss8 character:apple bloom27712 character:applejack97278 character:clear sky301 character:coloratura1765 character:diamond tiara5055 character:fluttershy115407 character:gabby1637 character:gilda5152 character:inky rose312 character:petunia paleo168 character:pinkie pie119894 character:princess ember3859 character:rainbow dash129184 character:rarity104754 character:scootaloo27853 character:silver spoon3260 character:smolder5331 character:spike45129 character:sunset shimmer40298 character:sweetie belle26104 character:trixie38992 character:twilight sparkle171577 character:twilight sparkle (unicorn)9830 species:alicorn135564 species:classical unicorn2284 species:dragon33244 species:earth pony140091 species:griffon16112 species:pegasus184295 species:pony660854 species:unicorn182583 ship:diamondbloom117 ship:gildapie42 ship:sunsetdash78 ship:twixie3185 g4275518 my little pony:equestria girls128212 accessory swap1043 alicornified2938 apple family member2060 blushing104821 chest fluff22735 cloven hooves6395 colored hooves4534 colored wings3990 crack shipping1856 curved horn4068 dappled272 dweeb66 ear fluff17559 eyebrows4902 eyelashes4150 female737282 filly35636 floppy ears30233 headcanon in the description63 height difference363 hooves11491 horn29956 hug16985 jewelry36680 leonine tail4795 lesbian50698 male195972 mare288405 multicolored hair4427 multicolored wings2053 nuzzling2404 polyamory1714 race swap8186 shimmercorn435 ship:embarity1 shipping102883 spread wings32327 straight63960 tail14528 text27021 winghug1747 wings68189 young1279


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