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Ship: Sweetie Belle x Petunia Peleo
Type: earth pony

for :iconnamine-kitten: Hope you like her!
safe983873 artist:moccabliss8 character:petunia paleo168 character:sweetie belle26104 oc375036 parent:petunia paleo9 parent:sweetie belle344 species:earth pony140091 species:pony660854 species:unicorn182583 g4275518 beanbrows296 chest fluff22735 colored hooves4534 cute125390 eyebrows4902 eyebrows visible through hair1783 eyelashes4150 female737282 hooves11491 leonine tail4795 lesbian50698 looking sideways1226 magical lesbian spawn5980 ocbetes3475 offspring21754 open mouth80590 ponytail11455 shipping102883 simple background233105 solo623215 tail14528 transparent background126642


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