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From source (16 May 2022):

The first Antro Test 1/3

was originally planned for a different outfit, but I decided to make it more fashionable, otherwise I got tired of the cliche with the student
safe984332 artist:auroracursed61 character:twilight sparkle171632 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75603 species:alicorn135674 species:anthro147038 species:pony661500 g4276111 abstract background8628 belly button44673 blue background2835 clothing297307 colored pupils6264 cute125562 dress26942 ear piercing14482 earring11909 female737889 jeans2478 jewelry36895 looking at you97404 mare288897 midriff12208 necklace11217 pants9558 piercing22159 ring1527 shirt14809 simple background233381 smiling149279 solo624015 wings68455


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