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From source (5 July 2022):
Gotta hit that evil quota somehow!
safe984332 artist:icey27 character:princess cadance18506 character:princess celestia55750 character:princess luna65534 character:queen chrysalis19503 species:alicorn135674 species:changeling27069 species:pony661500 g4276111 cake5970 cakelestia704 clipboard789 crown10157 dialogue44143 eyebrows5331 eyebrows visible through hair1922 fake cadance444 female737889 food41521 glasses36284 glowing horn12094 horn30181 jewelry36895 magic45069 magic aura2657 mare288897 necklace11217 open mouth80770 peytral1927 pure unfiltered evil1018 regalia11913 signature15080 speech bubble14004 telekinesis17338 text27091 three quarter view2339 tongue out54247 wings68455


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