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From source (4 July 2022):
battle of the namesake
safe984332 artist:chub-wub376 character:moondancer2858 character:princess celestia55750 character:princess luna65534 character:sunburst3978 character:sunset shimmer40324 character:trixie39019 character:twilight sparkle171632 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75603 species:alicorn135674 species:pony661500 species:unicorn182909 g4276111 my little pony:equestria girls128255 :p4843 blep5122 clothing297307 cloud18085 eyebrows5331 eyebrows visible through hair1922 female737889 floppy ears30330 glasses36284 grin22079 looking at each other11699 looking at someone353 luna is not amused289 male196075 mare288897 night15538 profile4742 rivalry143 royal sisters2853 siblings4391 sisters5080 sky8577 smiling149279 smirk7206 stallion64198 sweat13667 sweater8676 tongue out54247 unamused9711 wings68455


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