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From source (11 July 2022):
yupp her tailbow is flaming. Anything can be solved with a little potion

Pumpkin Patch ©me
safe986150 artist:spookyle222 oc375812 oc only252579 oc:pumpkin patch48 species:kirin5324 g4278120 bow15721 clothing298217 cloven hooves6441 colored hooves4829 crossed arms3158 dress27062 female739883 fire6710 front view323 full face view353 gradient background7689 grumpy1735 hooves11906 kirin oc790 nirik263 non-pony oc628 open mouth81244 profile4978 raised hoof28591 rearing3482 reference sheet7444 sitting38263 solo625350 tail15150 tail bow2926 text27363 three quarter view2629


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