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From source (23 June 2022):
Makeup Day and it is for Day 16 — Draw different pony generations meeting each other / Draw a pony exploring a brand new world
And I choose Luna and Izzy because, you know, I adore lunar theme. Plus I’m practicing drawing glowing things, Luna is quite a fitting option!

A reason I’m a bit inactive is because I’m working on something bigger, yeah that’s the only excuse :’ )

Twitter description (23 July 2022):
Makeup Day of ATG and it’s Day 16 for this potato — Draw different pony generations meeting each other / Draw a pony exploring a brand new world
Here’s three moons enjoying their company! Ok maybe only two

#mylittlepony #mlpg5 #mlpfanart
safe985238 artist:scribblepotato67 character:izzy moonbow1981 character:princess luna65601 species:alicorn135928 species:pony662577 species:unicorn183357 newbie artist training grounds3854 g4277142 g54337 :c336 >:c106 accessory swap1044 atg 202211 bracelet6098 colored hooves4723 crown10234 cute125920 dialogue44265 duo38289 duo female6436 excited1957 eyebrows5973 eyebrows visible through hair2103 eyes closed54260 female738970 floral head wreath1186 flower15273 flower field32 friendship bracelet27 frown14566 gradient hair2438 happy18780 hooves11761 horn30543 izzybetes517 jewelry37082 lunabetes2426 mare289810 moon13512 multicolored hair4706 necklace11299 necktie4038 night15562 no367 open mouth81053 peytral1961 profile4861 regalia11995 smiling149656 speech bubble14029 stars9048 text27254 three quarter view2502 tree19515 unshorn fetlocks16316


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