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At the start of the day #Applebloom leads Stone Mane to her regular shik-ka-lim lesson at #Zecora's hut in the notorious Everfree Forest.
safe993967 artist:baron engel2085 character:apple bloom27890 character:zecora5116 oc377542 oc:stone mane37 species:earth pony143636 species:pony671266 species:zebra8813 g4283371 anklet515 apple bloom's bow863 apple family member2682 black and white7540 blank flank4041 bow15959 colt7414 explicit source5775 female746578 filly36136 floppy ears31255 foal9158 grayscale22702 grimdark source155 hair bow8876 hooves13674 jewelry38406 male198162 monochrome85803 neck rings541 one hoof raised810 pencil drawing5788 simple background237058 smiling153398 traditional art65957 trio6186 white background55893 worried2541 young1854


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