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Humanized Minuette (Colgate) as a time-travelling detective.

July ‎6-7, ‎2022 commission.

Interested to commission me? Check out my commission sheet for terms and conditions.
safe984332 artist:king-kakapo1204 character:minuette3611 species:human74830 species:pony661500 g4276111 business suit231 clothing297307 coat1710 commission38354 detective280 eyebrows5331 eyelashes4405 female737889 hand in pocket72 hat52360 humanized53128 looking sideways1271 mare288897 necktie4021 overcoat41 pants9558 pocket watch206 shirt14809 shoes21690 simple background233381 solo624015 species swap11878 suggestive source66 vest2479


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