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For Twilight Day (kinda). Showing some appreciation of the first two main characters of G4.

It was actually hearing about there's a dragon in the show (among other things) that got me into this fandom.
safe988204 artist:plainoasis243 character:spike45209 character:twilight sparkle172068 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75823 species:alicorn136478 species:dragon33386 species:pony665343 g4280226 book20519 bust28770 crown10410 duo38721 duo male and female539 eyebrows6949 eyelashes5219 female741857 folded wings3818 glowing horn12368 gray background4264 jewelry37509 levitation7647 looking at you98877 magic45392 male196798 mare292340 necklace11494 older14423 older twilight908 peytral2055 portrait19443 princess twilight 2.01284 regalia12189 scroll2354 simple background235112 telekinesis17501 wings69841


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