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Couldn't do anything for a month because of a computer issue, but slowly getting back to work now it's fixed.

The cone of shame
Commission for @Narrator_Wuten

You can get a discount for commissions, from 1% to 15%, depending of the tier on our Patreon
source needed8334 safe985238 artist:lummh334 character:rainbow dash129279 oc375564 oc:anon4378 species:human74900 species:pegasus184877 species:pony662577 g4277142 angry16377 commission38442 cone of shame1 cutie mark28147 female738970 frown14566 hand4624 male196251 mare289810 narrowed eyes654 simple background233887 solo focus10828 spread wings32704 tail15035 white background54782 wings68847


not provided yet


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