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From source (9 August 2022):
Fluttershy Saving Angel, Different attempt at a landscape

Twitter description (9 August 2022):
Don't worry, I've got you! #MLPFiM #fanart #mylittlepony #Fluttershy
safe985238 artist:auroriia344 character:angel bunny5792 character:fluttershy115550 species:pegasus184877 species:pony662577 species:rabbit2909 g4277142 :o2236 alternate eye color158 animal2522 bipedal20205 cute125920 cutie mark28147 digital art9969 digital painting201 eyebrows5973 eyelashes4776 female738970 high res16540 leg fluff2070 mare289810 open mouth81053 rabbit44 river1235 shyabetes8594 signature15245 solo624837 spread wings32704 tree19515 water8407 wing hands1280 wings68847 wrong eye color607


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