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From source (13 August 2022):
Got bored and did this last night. Love how it came out.
safe987543 artist:phoenixfox962 character:daybreaker1752 character:nightmare moon9437 character:princess celestia55891 character:princess luna65713 species:alicorn136360 species:pony664735 g4279602 armor14862 artfight32 blue eyes2693 blue mane429 clothing298845 colored pupils6398 curved horn4111 digital art10041 ear fluff17982 ethereal mane4983 eyelashes5153 eyeshadow8804 feather3474 female741185 flowing mane799 galaxy mane3051 glowing158 glowing horn12308 helmet6855 hoof shoes3360 horn30912 jewelry37442 looking at you98586 magic45329 magic aura2802 makeup11446 mare291769 necklace11462 orange eyes181 orange mane48 peytral2044 royal sisters2870 shoes21996 siblings4447 sisters5131 smiling150476 spread wings33118 stars9117 teeth5036 wing armor49 wings69551


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