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Even more love for our farm gal
safe988302 artist:chub-wub396 character:applejack97553 character:strawberry sunrise267 species:earth pony141607 species:pegasus185997 species:pony665449 ship:applerise55 g4280299 apple9502 apple slice31 bedroom eyes31604 blushing105676 boop4617 cute127302 duo38733 duo female6567 eyebrows6986 eyelashes5237 female741953 floppy ears30776 flustered175 folded wings3825 food41779 holding2123 imminent kissing494 jackabetes3818 lesbian50914 lidded eyes19723 looking into each others eyes56 mare292423 missing accessory4995 mouth hold10905 ponytail11615 sharing food7 simple background235130 strawwberry sunrise20 surprised5680 white background55205 wide eyes10500 wings69874


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