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Thanks to :iconinkscaled:, for "Spoon".
Thanks to :iconflutterbunny76:, for "Gorilla Lady".
Thanks to :iconacewissle:, for "Falling Down Stairs".
Thanks to :icondalegibson1978:, for "Unwilling Makeover".
Thanks to :icondrcool13:, for "Formal".
Thanks to :iconvile-flesh:, for "Obligation".

Thanks to everyone of the words!
safe986180 artist:sepiakeys138 character:twilight sparkle171884 non-mlp oc1458 oc375824 species:alicorn136067 species:breezies1297 species:earth pony140919 species:pony663371 g4278149 black and white7516 bondage17366 bound937 bow tie5969 chair4185 clipboard793 clothing298233 desk1833 dress27062 furry oc260 gorilla75 grayscale22651 monochrome85616 open mouth81249 pen drawing290 questionable source218 rope6449 rope bondage2145 scissors642 sitting38268 sketch34736 spoon876 suit3484 traditional art65749 tuxedo822


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