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All You Need Is Your Beat (Voltex Pixel Remix) | MY LITTLE PONY®: Make Your Mark Series

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Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
38 lights used in this scene (2 volumetric)

Models used
- Sunset Shimmer by AeridicCore (NSFW warning)
- Twilight Sparkle by AeridicCore
- Sci-Twi hair by DazzioN
- Tanktop by AeridicCore (Patreon link)
- Car
- Brick wall from L4D2
safe986150 artist:imafutureguitarhero355 character:sunset shimmer40405 character:twilight sparkle171882 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75702 character:twilight sparkle (scitwi)16165 species:alicorn136060 species:anthro147460 species:eqg human18287 species:pony663338 species:unicorn183688 g4278120 my little pony:equestria girls128372 alicornified2968 car3254 duo38435 duo female6493 equestria girls ponified2777 fast food164 female739884 females only7941 he want to order1 horn30678 looking at you98125 mare290473 meme38014 ponified20183 race swap8234 scitwilicorn432 snapchat262 species swap12282 spread wings32833 tail15150 wings69061


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