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Replaced. Sunset had been replaced. While she had been struggling, spending every waking moment longing to return to Celestia’s side, she had been replaced. Just like that.

Commission by Rayne the Skunk of a scene from my fanfic Looking Glass intended for the eventual print edition.
safe986150 artist:skunkstripe84 manebooru original314 character:princess celestia55837 character:sunset shimmer40405 character:twilight sparkle171882 character:twilight sparkle (unicorn)9859 species:alicorn136060 species:bird5005 species:pony663338 species:unicorn183687 fanfic:looking glass26 series:who we become159 g4278120 my little pony:equestria girls128372 carpet591 commission38497 fanfic art7872 flower15291 leaf590 painting2233 portrait19361


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