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From source (6 September 2022):
Name: Harvest Moon

Species: bat pony /hippogriff hybrid

Special talent: ???????

Occupation: working the candy store

Current Residency: Mount Aris

Special somepony: ??????
safe990969 artist:spookyle242 oc376707 oc only253248 oc:harvest moon38 species:bat pony29840 species:pony668134 g4281839 bat pony oc10209 bow15863 colored hooves5483 cute128332 fangs15092 female743946 flying24535 freckles18193 hooves12794 hybrid10241 hybrid oc34 ocbetes3825 open mouth82445 sharp teeth2623 signature16706 solo628437 spread wings33751 tail15730 tail bow2963 unshorn fetlocks17193 wings70745


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