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From source (6 September 2022):
Name: Harvest Moon

Species: bat pony /hippogriff hybrid

Special talent: ???????

Occupation: working the candy store

Current Residency: Mount Aris

Special somepony: ??????
safe986150 artist:spookyle222 oc375812 oc only252579 oc:harvest moon33 species:bat pony29711 species:pony663338 g4278120 bat pony oc10148 bow15721 colored hooves4829 cute126243 fangs14972 female739883 flying24284 freckles17831 hooves11906 hybrid10217 hybrid oc32 ocbetes3603 open mouth81244 sharp teeth2476 signature15411 solo625350 spread wings32833 tail15150 tail bow2926 unshorn fetlocks16432 wings69061


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