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From source (10 September 2022):
When the Spooky lover kirin reading a good horror book :D with great illustration :D

Moonlit Breeze © me
safe989777 artist:spookyle242 oc376397 oc only253097 oc:moonlit breeze17 species:kirin5416 g4281280 bed22821 bedroom5741 book20564 bow15840 cityscape408 cloven hooves6511 colored hooves5245 cupcake3135 cute127833 female742961 food41876 freckles18085 hooves12519 indoors1703 kirin oc810 lying down9684 night15706 night sky1205 non-pony oc665 ocbetes3805 prone15738 signature16435 sky8871 solo627704 tail bow2956 three quarter view3062


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