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safe989759 artist:melodysketch78 part of a set7548 character:apple bloom27845 oc376388 oc:dr. romulus13 oc:ember heartshine77 oc:ethanrocco4 oc:hollow lantern2 oc:lunar aurora41 oc:melody sketch13 oc:misty shadows9 oc:mysterious star2 oc:thunder breeze29 species:alicorn136667 species:bat pony29808 species:earth pony142003 species:pegasus186546 species:pony666954 species:unicorn185010 image set: manechat everfree 202212 g4281273 :32611 alicorn wings16 apple family member2406 bat pony oc10199 bow tie6002 button459 button eyes85 clothing299541 coat markings1890 cocked eyebrow12 collage836 ear piercing14609 earring12017 female742947 flat cap55 glasses36507 holding2174 holding a plushie5 holding a pony1709 jewelry37667 looking up9420 manechat user9 necktie4071 offscreen character17498 photo background1 piercing22306 plushie13753 pride897 pride flag734 scrunchy face4419 shading1064 smiling151405 smug3639 snake pony340 suit3504 sunglasses8742 toy7014 vest2532 wall of tags1740


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