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how Celestia truly won the throne
safe985237 artist:t72b42 derpibooru original13231 character:princess celestia55808 species:alicorn135928 species:earth pony140581 species:pegasus184877 species:pony662576 species:unicorn183357 newbie artist training grounds3854 g4277142 abstract background8701 alternate hair color194 atg 2019503 aura450 aweeg*269 background pony7898 behaving like a bird376 birb208 chest fluff22854 crossover36285 cute125919 cutelestia2442 female738969 fluffy8804 generic pony330 halo1045 horse logic3 intimidating107 large and in charge3 limited palette1069 majestic as fuck879 mare289809 misspelling1231 ork51 orks in the comments1 pink mane435 pink-mane celestia1581 puffy cheeks2616 scrunchy face4393 silly4634 silly pony1977 text27254 warboss7 warhammer (game)1107 young celestia186 younger10800


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