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From source (3 September 2022):
hehe smol
safe986150 artist:melodylibris33 character:fluttershy115712 character:rainbow dash129360 species:anthro147460 species:pegasus185130 species:unguligrade anthro28212 g4278120 angry16402 blushing105361 clenched fist154 clothing298218 cute126243 dashabetes6316 delicious flat chest2468 dialogue44414 dress27062 duo38435 female739884 folded wings3695 head pat162 height difference368 looking at each other11771 looking at someone375 mare290473 midriff12232 monochrome85613 mood contrast17 pat178 profile4978 rainbow flat632 scrunchy face4400 shorts9087 shyabetes8613 sketch34736 skirt23800 smoldash104 socks37137 spread wings32833 tallershy39 tank top4761 three quarter view2629 toeless legwear1 wings69061


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