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From source (19 June 2021):
Sombra being a Karen, commissioned by beatleboy62 on Twitter uwu

Uploaded to Twitter on 19 June 2021.
safe993942 artist:evehly95 character:fluttershy116211 character:king sombra7305 oc377542 species:anthro147902 species:pegasus188154 species:umbrum792 species:unicorn186809 ship:sombrashy146 g4283371 alternate hairstyle17449 angry16572 anthro oc18693 big breasts45123 breakfast230 breasts156450 busty fluttershy9729 clothing300730 coat1743 coffee2534 coffee mug832 colored wings4504 commission39199 crepe14 cute129599 dialogue44923 diner206 disproportionate retribution97 drink3493 fangs15288 female746554 food42200 fork548 glowing eyes6630 i'm a big fan of the bad guys1 karen12 karen sombra1 knife2848 male198159 mare296454 muffin3726 mug2641 multicolored wings2526 napkin122 open mouth83304 pancakes896 plebeian11 rage877 sexy18029 sharp teeth2828 shipping103988 shirt15144 shyabetes8815 skirt23901 sombra eyes1911 stallion65734 straight64409 sweater8799 sweater dress68 sweater puppies71 sweatershy1609 table5792 teeth5139 text28026 this will end in tears1776 turtleneck873 two toned wings1678 waitress475 weapon17672 wings71760


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