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From source (19 June 2021):
Sombra being a Karen, commissioned by beatleboy62 on Twitter uwu

Uploaded to Twitter on 19 June 2021.
safe988204 artist:evehly88 character:fluttershy115906 character:king sombra7305 oc376076 species:anthro147429 species:pegasus185948 species:umbrum787 species:unicorn184517 ship:sombrashy146 g4280226 alternate hairstyle17290 angry16433 anthro oc18647 big breasts45043 breakfast229 breasts156165 busty fluttershy9720 clothing299105 coat1722 coffee2519 coffee mug824 colored wings4250 commission38650 crepe14 cute127264 dialogue44567 diner206 disproportionate retribution97 drink3344 fangs15023 female741857 food41773 fork541 glowing eyes6608 i'm a big fan of the bad guys1 karen11 karen sombra1 knife2836 male196798 mare292340 muffin3711 mug2606 multicolored wings2297 napkin118 open mouth81803 pancakes886 plebeian11 rage876 sexy17946 sharp teeth2535 shipping103316 shirt15040 shyabetes8693 skirt23833 sombra eyes1913 stallion64709 straight64143 sweater8752 sweater dress68 sweater puppies71 sweatershy1607 table5726 teeth5045 text27572 this will end in tears1766 turtleneck871 two toned wings1621 waitress474 weapon17589 wings69841


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