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The third drawing I started during my most recent Picarto stream. The theme was pirates and this was a request for Pirate Spike and Rarity.

I imagine this image happening years later when Twilight had taken over the kingdom and Spike has grown up to be an advisor for her highness. The scene occurs during a costume gala at the palace. It's a very spontaneous, off the cuff photo taken of the two. Which of course will somehow end up in the papers, and will give Princess Twilight another PR headache to deal with.

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safe986180 artist:baron engel2065 character:rarity104945 character:spike45187 species:anthro147467 species:dragon33355 species:pony663371 species:unguligrade anthro28213 species:unicorn183701 ship:sparity3030 g4278149 belt3316 black and white7516 bondage17366 butt22607 clothing298233 collar17257 costume16155 cutie mark28243 duo38440 duo male and female499 female739906 flintlock48 gigachad spike392 grayscale22651 gun8388 holiday10668 horn30687 horn jewelry423 horn ring3185 jewelry37232 looking back30836 male196532 mare290495 monochrome85616 nightmare night2930 nightmare night costume1135 older14371 older spike2527 pants9616 pencil drawing5750 pistol1157 ring1539 shackles886 shipping103169 simple background234208 spiked collar564 spread wings32837 straight64096 tail15157 traditional art65749 weapon17516 white background54903 wings69070


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