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From source (3 August 2022):
"The meaning of becoming an Alicorn"
Commissioned by @Jay_Brian2019
Both characters belong to Hasbro
Hope you guys like it XD.
safe985238 artist:brogararts46 character:sunny starscout1548 character:twilight sparkle171748 species:alicorn135928 species:earth pony140582 species:pony662577 g4277142 g54337 alicornified2952 clothing297913 colored hooves4723 comic66254 crown10234 dialogue44265 female738970 hoof shoes3265 hooves11761 jewelry37082 looking at each other11734 magic horn55 magic wings437 mare289810 necklace11299 peytral1961 pointing2755 princess twilight14 raised hoof28506 regalia11995 shoes21797 signature15245 speech bubble14029 sunny and her heroine19 sunnycorn48 text27254 three quarter view2502 unshorn fetlocks16316


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