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From source (25 September 2022):
Here we are then: Almost 3 years, 1387 Drawings and exactly 1000 days later with not a single one missed.
When I started this project, wich was inspired by Amarynceus, i always had this milestone in the back of my mind but never really dared to set it as a goal. I just never stopped because I wanted to improve. And I dare say I did. However from now on I think the focus will be more on quality as opposed to quantity. Especially since in the ending phases of this project, it has felt more and more like a chore to do, without really improving much anymore. (Thats where all the samey looking headshots come from, just a lack of motivation to do more) It has really become a part of my daily routine and if feels weird thinking about not doing it anymore, however I do not think I have much to gain from continuing this with this aproach.
So the hope is to have more higher quality pieces and more finnished art overall. Some returning pieces from the Daily Doodles i never got around to, some that I never even shared and undoubtedly new ones. Sadly though the pace of art will slow down quite a lot I am afraid. Since for the most of this project, I had a lot of time to spend on art both by doing and by learning theory. But with me having started to work full time I sadly just dont have that option anymore. As such personal pieces and commissions alike will take a lot longer to complete.

This DA page will likely become the place where the bigger pieces and projects will be collected from now on. As well as the hub for commissions and ych`s. For more tidbits and small sketches I might become more active on my twitter:

For now I shall say thank you for all the nice comments, usefull feedback and generall support for my work aswell as the 500+ watchers I got along the way.
Thank you for being interested in my journey and the many scribbles i produced.

Special thanks to
Risineo for always being there to talk to and preventing my self doubts from taking over.
Dymirth for all the great feedback and little pokes to keep me improving.
Stratodraw for deeper art tips and some nice late night talks.
The whole fandom for always keeping me inspired and I hope I managed to at least give some back.
Everyone who commisioned me for both the financial support and reassuring my craft.

safe986150 artist:tenebrisnoctus11 character:applejack97453 character:fluttershy115712 character:pinkie pie120028 character:rainbow dash129360 character:rarity104944 character:twilight sparkle171882 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75702 species:alicorn136060 species:earth pony140909 species:pegasus185130 species:pony663338 species:unicorn183687 episode:the last problem3230 g4278120 my little pony: friendship is magic163086 crown10293 female739883 hair over one eye4502 jewelry37231 looking at each other11771 mane six16622 mare290472 older14371 older applejack427 older fluttershy408 older pinkie pie398 older rainbow dash456 older rarity404 older twilight900 princess twilight14 princess twilight 2.01279 regalia12059 three quarter view2629 wings69061


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