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That was an interesting experience. I consider trying to do such thing more often, like drawing one character as a daily warm up before the work.

Any idea of a G4 character I could do for a start?
safe986181 artist:lummh337 character:amira210 character:luster dawn752 character:minuette3619 character:octavia melody14373 character:princess cadance18536 character:princess celestia55837 character:starlight glimmer30527 species:alicorn136067 species:earth pony140919 species:pony663371 species:unicorn183701 g4278150 amirabetes3 bridle1916 clothing298233 crown10296 cute126254 daughter354 eyebrows6263 eyelashes4916 eyes closed54368 female739906 females only7943 glimmerbetes2720 gritted teeth6808 hat52574 horn30687 hug17045 jewelry37232 lidded eyes19661 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter36 lusterbetes79 mare290495 mother1372 mother and child894 mother and daughter2921 open mouth81249 parent and child92 regalia12061 six fanarts158 smiling149963 smug3615 sombra eyes1912 tack2504


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