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From source (6 October 2022):
HAPPY pie day LOL
safe989773 artist:sallycars139 character:pinkie pie120193 species:earth pony142009 species:pony666967 g4281274 abstract background8975 backwards ballcap570 bandage3383 bandaid1036 baseball cap1311 blouse344 braces652 cap2819 clothing299541 converse3545 digital art10132 eyebrows7476 grin22314 hat52904 looking at you99310 ms paint2477 pinkie pie day31 ponytail11636 raised hoof28996 sailor uniform457 school uniform4654 shirt15071 shoes22061 simple background235523 skirt23853 smiling151410 sneakers3603 solo627703 three quarter view3062 uniform6353 yellow background792


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