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This is the first drawing I started during my most recent Picarto stream. Last week was the 12th Anniversary of Friendship is Magic. So on that day Fluttershy celebrate the occasion by gathering with some of her forest friends to enjoy some cake.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon
safe992613 artist:baron engel2077 character:fluttershy116112 species:bird5059 species:pegasus187616 species:pony669867 g4282408 animal2549 belly button45069 black and white7537 cake6015 explicit source5725 eyebrows8158 eyelashes5515 female745231 food42099 grayscale22696 grimdark source155 mare295331 monochrome85734 pencil drawing5779 picnic803 picnic blanket594 plate1083 simple background236502 sitting38946 solo629456 spread wings34033 tortoise423 traditional art65932 white background55689 wings71294


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