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From source (26 September 2022):
Princess Luna redraw, with inspiration taken from AI-generated art! (on the right [see source]) 🌛✨

Partial redraw of >>4009954.
safe986798 alternate version22089 artist:dandy366 character:princess luna65685 species:alicorn136210 species:anthro147264 g4278861 adorasexy6150 arm boob squeeze195 bare shoulders1520 big breasts45019 blushing105460 braless511 breasts156042 busty princess luna4227 cleavage21769 clothing298546 cute126566 ear fluff17888 eyebrows6519 eyelashes5043 eyeshadow8793 female740440 floating heart1259 grin22188 heart25481 heart eyes8778 high res16648 horn30779 kneeling4919 leggings1176 looking at you98339 looking up at you95 lunabetes2451 makeup11435 mare291067 off shoulder802 off shoulder sweater69 one eye closed17164 redraw1051 sexy17932 shirt14995 simple background234478 skirt23817 smiling150224 smiling at you1514 socks37166 solo625753 spread wings32962 stockings19062 strapless981 sweater8725 tail15259 thigh highs19766 thighs6394 tube top324 wingding eyes12223 wings69263 wink14151 winking at you418


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