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From source (13 August 2022):
Kirin Foalsitting is srs business
safe993789 artist:icey40 character:cinder glow535 character:summer flare535 species:kirin5507 species:pony671099 g4283315 baby kirin6 baby nirik6 babysitting111 biting2125 cloven hooves6574 colt7414 ear bite874 fangs15284 female746433 filly36126 fire6797 foal9149 foalsitter50 foalsitting38 gray background4380 halp18 head tilt697 hooves13628 lidded eyes19963 looking at you100437 male198118 nirik274 profile5730 sharp teeth2824 signature17288 simple background236980 text28003 thought bubble2002 three quarter view3293 tongue out54896 young1844


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