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Uploaded to source on 22 September 2021.

Twitter description (22 September 2021):
#pony #mlp #mylittlepony #canterlot
Road To Canterlot
safe987537 artist:redchetgreen246 oc375887 oc only252709 oc:vuldarion1 oc:zenith night1 species:bat pony29737 species:pony664727 species:unicorn184282 g4279593 bat pony oc10153 butt22714 canterlot3914 clothing298841 duo38620 eyebrows6751 eyebrows visible through hair2366 high res16777 horn30911 male196709 mountain3220 open mouth81599 pale belly575 plot41099 raised hoof28735 scenery5529 scenery porn635 slim45 stallion64633 statue1456 three quarter view2924 unicorn oc3247


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