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From source (2 November 2022):
I used that earlier pic of the Golem for this. This is pretty much what my inserted art would be like if I actually had time to work on many pics like this for "My Little Sister is a Dragon" and other fanfics, but alas, my life is far too busy so you may just get a few gems like this every so often. if I can get more pics like this made, I might put them into the FIMfic uploads, but that's a huge IF. Please don't beg me in the comments to make more fanfic art. Several people have bugged me about that too much even after I have linked them the journal where I explain why I can't do it anymore.

Well anyway, here's the moment at the very end of Chapter 8 where the Ram Golem happens upon everyone. They will fight it in the next chapter and what happens after that may shock you!

For those interested in this story, click here:…

MLPFIM © Hasbro
Noctura, Nightwatch, Buttercream and My Little Sister is a Dragon created by me
safe987541 artist:aleximusprime1369 character:princess luna65713 oc375889 oc:buttercream the dragon1 oc:golem1 oc:nightwatch the unicorn1 oc:noctura1 species:alicorn136360 species:bat pony29737 species:dragon33378 species:pony664733 species:unicorn184283 fanfic:my little sister is a dragon1 g4279600 automaton23 bat pony oc10153 colored hooves5031 fanfic art7881 female741183 forest6294 glowing158 glowing eyes6608 glowing horn12308 glowing mushroom34 hooves12183 horn30912 magic45329 male196711 mare291768 moon13577 mushroom582 nature596 night15657 oc villain78 plants186 red eyes3381 robot4280 rock2772 s1 luna4127 signature15782 stallion64635 stars9116 tree19610 unicorn oc3247 unshorn fetlocks16628


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