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From source (22 August 2022):
commission 4/8
safe989773 artist:oofycolorful521 part of a set7551 character:starlight glimmer30630 character:trixie39138 species:pony666967 species:unicorn185018 g4281274 bandage3383 bandaid1036 bandaid on nose18 beanie2189 bow15840 bracelet6189 candy3913 clothing299541 commission38793 converse3545 cute127832 decora7 diatrixes2179 duo39054 fashion318 female742959 food41875 glimmerbetes2765 hair bow8789 harajuku36 hat52904 high res17430 hoof shoes3384 horn31501 jar612 jewelry37671 mare293407 open mouth82163 open smile1059 semi-anthro6927 shoes22061 smiling151410 sneakers3603 tail15639 underhoof27388


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