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From source (6 June 2021):
My drawing for ATG Day 5: Draw a pony making a friend! Derpy and Gabby hit it off real quick after bumping into each other en-route and chatting it up~

DeviantArt description (7 June 2021):
I like to imagine that Gabby and Derpy often bump into each other on delivery routes and hang out / chat! Mid-flight! What do you think, would these two be buddies? As usual, this ATG concept was suggested and voted for by my lovely patrons! <3
safe986860 artist:confetticakez772 character:derpy hooves27545 character:gabby1642 species:griffon16173 species:pegasus185392 species:pony664023 newbie artist training grounds3869 g4278920 atg 202184 bag2807 clothing298580 cute126597 derpabetes1685 duo38523 duo female6527 eyes closed54432 female740511 flying24320 gabbybetes314 hat52650 high res16651 mailbag514 mailmare704 mare291127 open mouth81448 open smile763 saddle bag4176 shirt15003 sky background42 smiling150256


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