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Anonymous asker: Hi hello I am new to your Noodle AU and I think you should draw Horizon forever because I love them and also this is not Krickis owo

Well, sure, “not Krickis”.

Part One
Part Two (here)
Part Three
safe992656 artist:pasu-chan334 manebooru original465 character:night light1265 oc377211 oc:horizon58 parent:sunset shimmer914 parent:twilight sparkle4762 parents:sunsetsparkle299 species:dragon33566 species:kirin5479 series:noodleverse266 g4282458 alternate universe5184 baby6508 baby kirin6 grandfather and grandchild57 happy19044 hybrid10252 interspecies offspring4062 kirin oc824 magical lesbian spawn6035 male197788 non-pony oc696 nonbinary335 offspring21883 species swap12560


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