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From source (16 November 2022):
Candlelight dinner
safe986860 artist:nookprint128 character:rarity104984 species:pony664023 species:unicorn183996 g4278920 absurd resolution44539 alcohol3952 bill56 bread854 cake5987 candle2773 clothing298580 cute126597 date504 dialogue44494 dress27100 drink3311 ear piercing14571 earring11990 female740511 floppy ears30659 food41678 glass2804 horn30797 jewelry37362 mare291127 open mouth81448 piercing22259 raribetes3513 restaurant379 sitting38353 slice of cake17 smiling150256 socks37170 sticker shock7 stockings19063 sweat13729 sweatdrop1819 talking3239 talking to viewer1284 thigh highs19767 wine1345 wine glass885


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