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From source (16 November 2022):
Candlelight dinner
safe989620 artist:nookprint140 character:rarity105107 species:pony666829 species:unicorn184954 g4281158 absurd resolution44609 alcohol3961 bill56 bread855 cake6001 candle2790 clothing299493 cute127769 date504 dialogue44619 dress27154 drink3380 ear piercing14608 earring12016 female742841 floppy ears30874 food41866 glass2823 horn31423 jewelry37657 mare293297 open mouth82117 piercing22304 raribetes3546 restaurant379 sitting38644 slice of cake18 smiling151332 socks37272 sticker shock7 stockings19110 sweat13762 sweatdrop1829 talking3265 talking to viewer1294 thigh highs19828 wine1349 wine glass890


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