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From source (14 October 2022):
hiii!! happy #blacktober w/ twipie!! _
safe992613 artist:cupiepuff1 character:pinkie pie120274 character:twilight sparkle172370 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76024 species:alicorn137077 species:earth pony143066 species:human75142 species:pony669867 ship:twinkie984 g4282408 bride of frankenstein59 cheek kiss29 clothing300331 colored hooves5859 dark skin2407 dress27234 eyes closed55065 female745231 females only8005 frankenstein's monster138 heart25889 high heels6134 hooves13250 humanized53327 kissing12957 lesbian51124 mare295331 pink background1615 profile5560 raised hoof29393 shipping103764 shoes22154 simple background236502 socks37407 sparkles3080 species swap12560 spread wings34033 stockings19133 suit3511 thigh highs19887 unshorn fetlocks17644 wings71294


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